​🚀 Welcome to Web3API

The official docs for Web3API platform.

🤔 What is Web3API ?

Web3API is a free community node service to easily connect your dApps and wallets to the most used smart contract blockchains in the world.

Get access to Web3API for free here.

With Web3API, you can :

  • Access full node capabilities without running your own

  • Monitor API requests through your dashboard

  • Connect your Web3 wallets via JSON-RPC

📖 API Reference

Jump over to our API reference documentation and view our supported JSON-RPC methods.

🔌API Endpoints

🌏 Non-Developers

Not into BUIDL-ing ? You can still use Web3API's endpoints to power your wallets providers using custom RPCs.

Adding a Custom RPC to Metamask

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